Friday, July 16, 2010

International Organization recogizes the value of FCoTR

Wikipedia, internationally recognized as the source of all modern knowledge, has added FCoTR to its Fibre Channel web page. It is a link to its own Wikipedia page. Everyone knows that this means that it's real.

Brocade Balks at FCoTR

Kumar Malavali was called back to Brocade to put a stop to their next product move. This industry veteran is claiming that FCoTR (Fibre Channel over Token Ring) is a Fad starting in Redmond by a bunch of punch-drunk storage geeks that had been required to sit through 36 continuous hours of power point.

"Nonsense," said Ethan Banks, the original brainchild behind FCoTR. "Anyone with a basic understanding of politeness understands the value that Token Ring brings to the storage table." Incredibly animated at the time, he continued, gesticulating wildly in the air, "Disk drives are being overutilized, and we've got to get these I/O requests to wait in line!"

In unrelated news, Ethan is looking for a job. Apparently his employer has lost faith in his abilities.

Too good to be true

Announcing the FUTURE OF STORAGE. It's game changing; it's revolutionary; it's...

Fibre Channel Over Token Ring!!!

Nimble Storage and Compellent have both announced at Tech Field Day Seattle 2010 that the next protocol that they will be supporting is none other that FCTR.

Finally, we can bring the civility of the Token Ring world to the wild, wild, west of storage. Imagine the performance benefits of forcing each disk in your storage array to wait for the token before they're allowed to transfer data.

What do YOU think? How long will it be before we see the following products:

EMC SLOW (It's the version of FAST that supports Token Ring)
NetApp SMTR (SnapManager for Token Ring)
HDS UPS (It is to USP what UPS is to FedEX)
3PAR HeyNow! (3Par requires each disk to say "Hey Now!" if they want the token)
Compellent Frozen Data (It's the Fluid Data line slowed down so much it freezes)
IBM WHU (The Prequel to XIV)
HP StorageDoesntWork (Just saying)

You heard it here first