Friday, July 16, 2010

Brocade Balks at FCoTR

Kumar Malavali was called back to Brocade to put a stop to their next product move. This industry veteran is claiming that FCoTR (Fibre Channel over Token Ring) is a Fad starting in Redmond by a bunch of punch-drunk storage geeks that had been required to sit through 36 continuous hours of power point.

"Nonsense," said Ethan Banks, the original brainchild behind FCoTR. "Anyone with a basic understanding of politeness understands the value that Token Ring brings to the storage table." Incredibly animated at the time, he continued, gesticulating wildly in the air, "Disk drives are being overutilized, and we've got to get these I/O requests to wait in line!"

In unrelated news, Ethan is looking for a job. Apparently his employer has lost faith in his abilities.

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